Price: $98.00
SKU: ELS10105
Brand: SCAD


    SCAD MLC Masthead Light Controller provides touch control of LED masthead lights, distress signalling and a visual display of the light's status. The controller easily installs on existing two or three wire LED lights.

    MLC Light Controller Features:

    • Controls three functions of LED masthead lights: 
      • 1. TriĀ­color on/off; 
      • 2. Anchor on/off; 
      • 3. Distress signalling (strobe and SOS) 
    • Works with two and three wire systems; 
    • Touch control; 
    • Visual display of masthead light status; Compact size; Surface mount;
    • The MLC's noise filter helps reduce radio interference generated by some LED navigation lights.
    SCAD MLC Info:
    SCAD MLC Specsheet