Price: $209.00
SKU: SOP50100
Brand: AFP Power

    SOP50100 - 100 watt marine strong solar panel for a 12V on board battery system manufactured by AFP Power.


    - Corner protectors guard you from the sharp corners
    - Tempered glass maximizes impact resistance
    - Durable Aluminum corrosion-resistant frames

    Ratings: Voltage 17.2 VDC; Current 5.81 Amps; Power 100W

    Dimensions: Length 47.1"; Width 21.0", Depth 1.4"

    Weight: 19.9 lbs

    Manufacturer Part # AFP-100W-MONO

    Connection: Junction box with 32-inch MC4 cable.

    Warranty: 25 years of Performance Guarantee and 5 years of workmanship.