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SKU: IVM23015
Brand: Magnum


    Magnum MSH4024M Pure Sine Wave Inverter is designated as a Standalone power inverter with an internal battery charger. The MSH4024M can beconnected to a utility grid (i.e., shorepower) or to a generator to allow the inverter batteries to be charged, and to power inverter loads while connected.

    Why is the MSH-M Series a "Hybrid"? Most inverters only use one source of energy to power the inverter loads—either from the incoming AC power (i.e., shorepower or generator) or from the batteries. The MagnaSine MSH-M Series combines the energy from both the AC input and the batteries to power the inverter loads. This feature gives the inverter the ability to recharge the battery when there is surplus power, or to deliver more power to the loads if they require more than the AC input can supply by itself.

    MSH4024M is a 24-volt, 4000 watt inverter with 105A charger and 60A pass-through, designed to allow easy access to wiring, circuit breakers, and controls. Its die cast baseplate with one-piece aluminum cover ensures maximum durability with minimum weight, as well as cooler, more efficient operation.

    MSH4024M Hybrid Inverter/Charger Features:

    • 120 VAC / 60 Hz output
    • 60 amp AC input and pass-thru capability
    • Load Support parallels the inverter output with incoming AC sources allowing it to run larger loads from smaller generators
    • Works with any Magnum accessory, including the AGS, remotes, and the Magnum router

    Note: The MSH-M Series inverter/charger provides the Load Support feature. Older remote revisions will work with the MSH-M Series. However, to view the Load Support status the following remote revisions are required:

    • ME-RC ≥ Revision 2.7
    • ME-ARC ≥ Revision 3.0
    • ME-RTR ≥ Revision 3.0


    Manufacturer Part # MSH4024M


    Magnum MSH4024M MagnaSine Hybrid information:
    PDF MSH4024M Manual
    PDF MSH4024M Data Sheet