Price: $776.00
SKU: IVM10120
Brand: Magnum


    Magnum MMS1012 1000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger 50A is a pure sinewave inverter providing a cost effective solution for those with smaller power needs in mobile applications. Magnum MMS1012 1000W 12V provides a reliable base for your energy.

    This Magnum MMS Inverter is designed to accommodate entertainment systems in boats or Rv's, plus it uses a PFC (Power Factor Corrected) charger, which is 85% efficient and the same charger topology used in all Magnum Inverter models.

    The Magnum MMS1012 model AC input and output are provided with pigtail wires to allow hardwiring to a main AC distribution panel and to an inverter sub-panel. Features isolated input/output neutrals for mobile applications. Includes a 15-foot battery temperature sensor..

    Magnum MMS1012 Documents:
    PDF Magnum MMS1012 Manual
    PDF Magnum MMS1012 Data Sheet