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    The CXF–400 is a hybrid vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) system which combines drag  and lift-based design together. It incorporates an S-type Savonius rotor and three airfoil blades of eggf type Darrieus rotor to maximize the output performance. The entire structure floats on a magnetic field minimizing drag resistance while increased performance plus isolating mechanical rotation vibration into the boat hull. This unique aesthetically pleasing wind generator provides excellent performance on a boat because of its ability to operate on winds coming in any direction. Its low rpm makes it very quiet.


    Rated Power 400W
    Wind wheel diameter 1.24M (4.07ft)
    Weight 66.14 lb/30KG
    Blade Material Aluminum Alloy
    The number of blade 3
    Minimum wind speed start 1m/s (2.24mph)
    Minimum power wind speed 2.7m/s (6.04mph)
    Rated wind speed:
    12m/s (26.84mph)
    Maximum cut off wind speed 15m/s (33.55mph)
    Resistant to wind speed limit 65m/s (145.40mph)
    The type of Generator
    Three-phase AC maglev wind turbine
    Controllor output voltage 12V or 24V
    Controllor output current <20Amp
    Controllor brake system
    Over speed automatic Three-phase
    Short-circuit braking
    Normal operating temperature     
    -40~50 ℃




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