Price: $19.95
SKU: LBM30205
Brand: Marinebeam


    The MR11 LED SMD Power Cluster Warm White have 6 surface mount LED's and have a true MR11 form factor.

    The MR11 LED SMD Power Cluster are a direct replacement for MR11's or vertical (back-pin) G4's. The Warm White cluster has an output and color temperature consistent with a 10W halogen.

    The MR11 LED SMD Power Cluster also features the Constant-Current PWM DC/DC Converter, so this bulb can be used in either 12V or 24V DC applications. The SMD LED's in our 6-LED Power Cluster provide a much wider beam pattern than our other clusters, and are a good choice for those looking for greater coverage than the standard MR11's. Available in warm white!

    • Input Voltage: 8VDC-30VDC

    • Wattage: 1.5W

    • Amperage: 120mA

    • Lumens: 90 CW, 72 WW

    • Color Temp: 6700k CW, 3300k WW, 620nm Red

    • Beam Angle: 120°

    • Dimensions: Dia. 35mm x 16mm deep (+pins)