Price: $330.00
SKU: SOK70325
Brand: Kyocera

    Kyocera 325 Watt Solar Panel Fixed Frame KD325GX-LFB is the first manufacturer to pass rigorous long-term tests. The Kyocera Solar modules are resistant to various weather conditions and is perfect for marine applications.

    Kyocera 325 Watt KD325GX-LFB Specs:

    • Ratings: Voltage 40.3 VDC; Current 8.07 Amps; Power 325W
    • Dimensions: Length 65.43" Width 51.97" Depth 1.81"
    • Weight: 60.6 lbs
    • Connections: SMK plug-in connectors with flying leads (40.9" and 50.8")

    Recommend using with an MPPT charge controller.

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    More detailed information:
    PDF Kyocera KD325GX-LFB Datasheet