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    The e400i (3 kW) Wind Turbine

    Available in 48, 110, 200, and 300 Vdc

    The e400i is the latest development in the Kestrel range. The completely new 120 pole single axial flux direct drive alternator incorporates three main shaft bearings for long service life. The e400i maintains rated output in excess wind speeds using Kestrel patented blade pitch control. The e400i therefore gives an optimum energy harvest with no cut out wind speed. This Kestrel, like the other models optimises low wind and stays in complete control whether loaded or unloaded during excessive wind speeds.

    Kit Package includes:

    • e400n Wind Turbine 250 Vdc & 48 Vdc
    • Interface Module 3.5kW 600V
    • e400i Brake
    • Tower 18 meter
    • Power One Grid Tie Inverter
    • Midnite Classic 200

    Turbine Specifications:

    Peak Output Power Wind speed > 24.6 mph (11m/s) and sea level
    Power Output 3000W
    Wind speed of 24.6 mph (11m/s) and sea level
    Rotational Speed Rotor rpm at rated output 520rpm
    Cut in Wind Speed Minimum Wind speed for charging output 5.6mph (2.5m/s)
    Cut out Wind Speed Maximum wind speed N/A
    Rotor Diameter Diameter of swept area 4.0m
    Swept Area Diameter of swept area 12.5sq m
    Number of Blades Full aerofoil section 3
    Blade Type Moulded glass fibre epoxy resin Aerofoil
    Lateral Thrust
    Horizontal force vector at 22.4 mph 1500N
    Passive Speed Control
    Passive blade pitching 520rpm
    Tower Top Mass Total wind turbine mass 507.1lbs (230kg)
    Rated Sound Level Sound emission at 11.2mph
    < 40dB at 328' (100m)
    < 45db at 197' (60m)
    Protection Protected from moisture and dust
    Generator Type Polyphase brushless permanent magnet PM 12ph
    Output Voltage Standardised DC output 48, 110, 250Vdc
    Warranty Terms and conditions apply 2 years(extendable)
    Routine Maintenance Subject to prevailing wind power class

    Periodic visual inspection

    Annual Energy Output:

    Annual Energy (kWh) on a 12m (39.4') tower at sea level

    Wind speed (m/s)

    48V and 250V

    4.47mph (2m/s)


    6.71mph (3m/s)


    8.95mph (4m/s)


    11.18mph (5m/s)


    13.42mph (6m/s)


    15.66mph (7m/s)


    17.90mph (8m/s)


    NOTE: These figures are representative of performance at sea level when operating in an open, turbulence-free site

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    More detailed information:
    PDF Kestrel e300i Wind Turbine Brochure