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    The Isotemp Slim Square can be installed in three different positions, making it more versatile than standard models. It has a 4.2 gallon capacity, quickly and effectively heats water up via the engine or by the electrical heater element if the boat is connected to shore power.

    As with all Isotemp water heaters, the Isotemp Slim Square has been constructed with a robust acid proof stainless steel (AISI 316) and fitted with special components to protect it from over-heating. It also features a safety valve for 87 psi with winter drain. All electrical installations are factory made and delivered with a cable and plug. It has a thermostat mixing valve as standard.

    We give 5 years warranty on the inner tank, for corrosion or material stress.

    Slim Square 4.2 Gallon Water Heater
    Dimensions - 23.75 x 7.94 x 15.75
    Weight - 33.0
    Maximum PSI - 87