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    Isotemp Basic has an exlusive look, with its brushed stainless steel cover, but most important is the internal design. Highest capacity is achieved by the engine water heat exchanger as well as the immersion heater placement. They are positioned in the lowest part of the tank, where the water is coldest, to really heat all the water in the tank, which grants an outstanding volume of hot water. The water in- and outlets are also designed for a minimal mixing of cold water into the hot, by the incoming water. The selected materials are all the best; tank, tubes and all materials in contact with the water are made of acid proof stainless steel AISI 316 and welded with protection gas to eliminate any risk of corrosion. Each water heater is individually leakage tested to 230 psi, before delivery. Basic 40 and 75 are also available in version with double engine water coils, for connections to an engine as well as to a water based heater system om board.

    Basic 30 8 Gallon Water Heater
    Dimensions - 21.81x15.56
    Weight - 37.5
    Maximum PSI - 87