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Brand: Gioco

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    Gioco Solutions has developed a type of flexible solar panels with new intercontacts technology which are higher in efficiency and about 1/8 the weight of traditional glass panels.


    • More energy each day
    • Flexible, can be adapted to all surfaces, even curves
    • High resistance and Walk on panels
    • Microcracking management
    • Light & thin, just 1.5mm thin
    • High resistance to marine environment
    • Easy to be integrated
    • Made in Italy


    Rating: Voltage 10.44 VDC; Current 8.16 Amps; Power 85.19W
    Dimensions: 60.24" x 14.18" x 0.059"
    Weight: 2.96 lbs
    Manufacturer Item No.: GSC 85

    More detailed information:
    PDF Gioco GSC 85 Brochure
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