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    Genasun 8A 12/24/36/48V Lithium MPPT Controller Solar BOOST 105-350W allows a lower-voltage solar panel to charge higher-voltage batteries. Want to charge a 24V battery with a 48-cell solar panel? No problem. A 48V battery from a 12V panel? We’ve got you covered. With 99% peak efficiency, they are the industry’s most efficient voltage-boosting controllers. True MPPT delivers consistent performance, unlike the “Nominal MPPT” of competitors. The advanced electronics inside the controller are encased in a proprietary potting compound making them ideal for golf-cart, marine, and vehicle applications.

    GVB-8 8A MPPT @ 12-48V

    • 99% Peak Efficiency
    • Built-in fuse
    • Ultra-fast true MPP Tracking
    • Excellent low-light performance
    • Compact for easy installation

    Genasun GVB-8 (Boost) 105-350W MPPT Solar Boost Charge Controller for Lithium Batteries Overview

    Want to see a 27V grid-tie panel charge a 48V battery pack? Get a GVB.
    Most solar charge controllers move power from a higher voltage panel to a lower voltage battery bank. The GVB-series controllers, in contrast, pump electricity up hill. These controllers will take a standard 12V panel and boost the voltage to charge a 24V, 36V or 48V battery pack. In fact, the GVB's will work with almost any panel that's below your battery voltage. This makes finding a good panel easy: just make sure to stay below 8A panel current and 63 Volts (open circuit). Larger panels are cheaper per Watt than smaller panels, so using one large panel and a boost controller results in a significantly lower system cost than smaller panels in series with a conventional charge controller.

    Mission-Critical Reliability
    Genasun controllers are deployed to the most remote locations on earth. They endure years at sea, harsh Antarctic winters, freezing conditions in the upper atmosphere on solar powered airplanes, and in a few off-the-map locations. Made in the USA, each controller is put through complete electrical testing to ensure reliability. If you need mission-critical power, this is your controller.

    High-Speed MPPT: Always on Target
    Not all Maximum Power Point Tracking controllers were created equally. Most use a sweep and sleep method that scans the entire voltage range every 30-60 seconds. That's okay for a clear day, with a stationary panel. But moving vehicles and changing cloud cover require a faster, more advanced controller. Genasun controllers adapt to changing light conditions 20 times every second. They are always on target, capturing every bit of available sunshine. Simply put, other controllers can't keep up.

    Advanced Lithium Charging Algorithms (for Lithium Battery)
    Drawing on more than nine years of advanced lithium battery development, Genasun offers a complete line of lithium solar charge controllers. These units efficiently charge our high-performance lithium battery packs, and many other commercially available lithium battery systems.

    Custom Voltages Available
    Genasun stocks the GVB-8 (Boost) in 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V nominal charge profile for LiFePO4 batteries. The standard float voltages correspond to 3.55V per cell for compatibility with most batteries (check with your battery manufacturer to be sure). Custom voltages can be programmed at the factory to match the float Voltage (CV voltage) of your battery chemistry. Please select the Custom Voltage option from the drop down, and email to specify the voltage.

    Made in the USA


    LED Display
    The built-in LED will quickly tell you that you've installed the controller correctly. Simple to read, it will also let you know when the battery is charging from solar power, and when the battery has reached full charge.

    Marine Grade: Reliable Power After Years at Sea
    Genasun Boost controllers provide reliable power in the harshest environments on earth. GVB's have been powering boats on round-the-world sailing races for years.

    No Fans. No Relays.
    Fans get clogged with dust and dirt. Relays eventually stop switching. Genasun controllers use advanced electrical design that obsoletes these parts. With fewer moving parts to wear out, Genasun controllers outlast the competition.