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Brand: Firefly


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    Firefly Oasis 4V 450 Ah Battery

    Firefly’s award-winning, patented technology is an innovative material science that removes almost all limitations of current lead-acid battery products. Firefly discovered that much of the lead in the grid structure of conventional batteries can be replaced with a totally new type of grid material, carbon foam.

    Firefly Oasis 4V Features:

    • Sealed – requires no maintenance
    • More than 3-4 times cycle life compared to normal VRLA batteries.
    • Lower cost per kWh delivered compared to premium VRLA batteries.
    • Unmatched ability to recover from extended storage in discharged state.
    • Throughput efficiency greater than 90%.
    • Improved high/low temperature performance.
    • Superior protection against corrosion and sulfation related problems.
    • Available with Battery Energy Management System (BEMS).
    • Lowest Cost of ownership
    • Industry leading warranty.
    • Compatible with existing lead acid battery recycling infrastructure.
    • Outstanding long life even under partial state of charge operation.

    Firefly Oasis 4V Specifications:

    Efficiency Amp Hr > 97% & Watt Hr > 90%
    Nominal Voltage
    Max Charge Voltage 4.80V
    Max Charge Current
    Up to 1C
    Shelf life at 25°C (77°F) 2 years
    Self-discharge < 3% per month
    Internal Resistance 1.2 mΩ
    Terminal 3/8 - 16 UNC
    Dimensions (L x H x W)
    10.15" x 17.2" x 6.85" (258 x 438 x 174mm)
    Weight 94 lbs (42.6kg)
    Volume 19.7 L (1200 cu in)

    Oasis 4V information:
    PDF Firefly Oasis 4V Specsheet
    PDF Firefly Battery Manual