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SKU: BDF70020
Brand: Firefly


    Firefly Oasis 4V 450 Ah Battery

    Firefly’s award-winning, patented technology is an innovative material science that removes almost all limitations of current lead-acid battery products. Firefly discovered that much of the lead in the grid structure of conventional batteries can be replaced with a totally new type of grid material, carbon foam.

    Firefly Oasis 4V Features:

    • Sealed – requires no maintenance
    • More than 3-4 times cycle life compared to normal VRLA batteries.
    • Lower cost per kWh delivered compared to premium VRLA batteries.
    • Unmatched ability to recover from extended storage in discharged state.
    • Throughput efficiency greater than 90%.
    • Improved high/low temperature performance.
    • Superior protection against corrosion and sulfation related problems.
    • Available with Battery Energy Management System (BEMS).
    • Lowest Cost of ownership
    • Industry leading warranty.
    • Compatible with existing lead acid battery recycling infrastructure.
    • Outstanding long life even under partial state of charge operation.

    Firefly Oasis 4V Specifications:

    Efficiency Amp Hr > 97% & Watt Hr > 90%
    Nominal Voltage
    Max Charge Voltage 4.80V
    Max Charge Current
    Up to 1C
    Shelf life at 25°C (77°F) 2 years
    Self-discharge < 3% per month
    Internal Resistance 1.2 mΩ
    Terminal 3/8 - 16 UNC
    Dimensions (L x H x W)
    10.15" x 17.2" x 6.85" (258 x 438 x 174mm)
    Weight 94 lbs (42.6kg)
    Volume 19.7 L (1200 cu in)

    In order for the batteries to be kept at optimum performance, occasional fast charging is required and therefore existing charging sources may need to be upgraded depending upon your battery bank size (such as shore battery chargers and alternators).

    For common answers about your battery, check the Firefly frequently asked questions.

    Oasis 4V information:
    PDF Firefly Oasis 4V Specsheet
    PDF Firefly Battery Manual
    PDF Firefly Battery Warranty
    PDF Firefly L15 Battery Dimensional Drawing