Engineering Services

Engineering Services

e Marine is pleased to offer engineering services to our customers to assist in the design and supply of equipment to meet their onboard renewable energy or electric drive systems.

As a courtesy, for many years we have offered technical advice to our customers that seek to upgrade their onboard energy systems. Solar PV PanelsWind GeneratorsHydro-generatorsElectric DrivesBattery MonitorsBattery Banks (such as Lithium-ion), Charging Controls, and related marine hardware, are complex and not readily available or completely understood. As technology advances these systems have become more complex making it difficult for a variety of products from different manufacturers, all to work together in harmony.

Personalized Engineering Services

Each boat owner has specific needs and each boat has its own set of technical challenges. In order to meet these, we offer personalized engineering services. By engaging with e Marine for a minimal fee we are able to focus on your needs to provide the best of system design and equipment. For most systems, only a $150 engineering fee is charged. This would include a system drawing and itemized equipment list. We would also provide a quotation on the entire package which would include a 50% refund of this fee should you elect to purchase the equipment package from us.

Engaging with e Marine gives you security in knowing that your equipment will work together to meet your needs while obtaining the equipment, which is sometimes difficult to find, at a value price. Additionally you will have the security in knowing that technical support is but a phone call or email away.

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