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Brand: Elco

    Elco 5HP 3.7kW 48V Electric Outboard EP5RL was manufactured with durability and reliability in mind.

    Elco Electric Outboard offers traditional proven design and leading edge technologies that make outboards such as the Elco EP-5, the leader in power and performance.

    Elco EP-5 Features

    • Zero emissions
    • Smooth running and less noise then gas powered
    • Reliable and less service than gas powered
    • Multiple safety precautions including; over-speed protection, overload protection, temperature protection, over-voltage and over-current protection
    • Equipped with emergency stop switch
    • LCD (optional) displays fault code, power consumption, rotation rate, forward or reverse, voltage, current, etc
    • Hydraulic tilt (optional)

    Elco EP-5 Motor Specs:

     Horsepower Rating
     5 h.p. 
     Kilowatts Rating (Continuous Output) 
     3.7 kW
     48 vdc
     Maximum Current
     100 amps DC
     Brushless PMAC
     Comparable Gas Outboard (Propulsive Power)
     6 h.p.
     Comparable Gas Outboard (Thrust)  7 h.p.
     Static Thrust
     130 lbs
     Cooling System
     Water cooled
     Control System
     Remote Control
     Side mount, 7 pin cable
     Optional Remote Cable
     6 foot lengths
     65 lbs
     Size (Height x Width x Length)
     38" x 9.4" x 15.4"
     Transom Height
     Lower Unit Gear Ratio
     2.08 : 1 (27/13)
     Gear Oil Capacity  8.5 ounces
     Trim and/or Tilt  Manual
     Propeller  3-7 1/2 x 7 
    Elco EP-5 Information:
    PDF ELCO 5 HP Electric Outboard EP-5 Datasheet

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