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SKU: WGB30079


    Bornay Wind + MPPT Charge Controller rectifies, controls and filter the energy produced by the wind turbine, and supplies energy suitable for battery charge, optmizing and generating the maximum possible energy output from the wind turbine, thanks to the Maximum Efficiency MPPT tracker.

    Wind + wind turbine supplies three phases AC energy at a nominal voltage of 220 V.

    Wind + MPPT Charge controller do all functionalities to rectify and extract the maximum power available from the wind, suplying DC energy at 12, 24 or 48 volts to the battery bank.

    MPPT Charge Controller includes all security and control systems, with programable configuration and control available to all kind of wind conditions.

    Bornay Wind+ MPPT Information
    PDF Bornay Wind + MPPT Charge Controller Manual
    PDF Bornay Wind + MPPT Charge Controller Specsheet