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    Bornay Wind 25.3 + Wind Turbine goes a step further with the development of the small wind technology to an extent unknown in this technology.

    Among the most notable challenges, the new Wind+ is equipped with permanent magnet neodymium alternator to a single output voltage of 220 Vac, for any application, providing maximum efficiency equipment.
    The second major challenge comes from the hand of the control electronics, with 2 drivers for all applications: Controller MPPT for battery charging and interface for direct connection of all types of consumption, both AC or DC, or grid connection inverters.
    The new drivers introduce a new machine control system, which incorporates voltage control and rpm, ensuring perfect machine control, while substantially improving the efficiency of the wind turbine.

    Bornay Wind 25.3 + Specs:

    • Nominal Power: 5000 W
    • Nominal Voltage: 220 V
    • RPM: 400
    • Diameter: 13.28 ft (4.05 m)
    • Weight: 235 lb (107 kg)
    • Turn On Wind Speed: 3 m/s
    • Nominal Power Speed: 12 m/s
    • Maximum 60 m/s
    Bornay 25.3 + Information
    PDF Bornay Wind 25.3+ Manual