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    Blue Sky SB-RVK | SB-RVK-S Kit for Marine, RV and Offgrid

    Blue Sky SB-RVK | SB-RVK-S MPPT Controller and Remote Display Kit is a all-in-one fully programmable controller and monitoring solution for mid-sized solar systems.

    The SB-RVK(-S) kit includes a SB3024iL charge controller, featuring patented MPPT technology, an IPN ProRemote with current shunt for monitoring and programming your system.

    This kit is ideal for marine or RV applications with an auxiliary output for charging a second battery or can manage up to a 20A load output for off-grid electrification or telecommunication systems.

    The IPN ProRemote, utilizing its smart dusk-to-dawn feature, allows flexibility for PV street lighting. The IPN network allows communication with up to seven other controllers on a single system, so your system can grow with time and provides maximum flexibility in system design..

    SB-RVK | SB-RVK-S Kit Features:

    • Kit for RV and Marine
    • Remote Display
    • Monitoring & Settings
    • Battery Current Monitoring
    • IPN Network compatible
    Blue Sky SB-RVK | SB-RVK-S information:
    PDF SB-RVK | SB-RVK-S Datasheet