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SKU: ATB71002
Brand: Balmar


    Balmar 60 YP 120 SR KIT 120 Amp 6-Series 60-YP Packages Alternator are designed for most Yanmar engines which feature a 3.15” saddle-style alternator. 

    Kit Includes:

    • Multi-stage Max Charge ARS-5 voltage regulator
    • Alternator temperature sensor (MC-TS-A)
    • Battery temperature sensor (MC-TS-B)
    • Easy-to-follow instructions for installation and programming.

    Balmar 60-YP-120-SR-KIT 6-Series Charging Packages are appropriate for gasoline or diesel engines, and meet both USCG and international ISO and SAE standards for ignition protection.

    It also delivers the added convenience of built-in back up voltage regulation.

    Balmar 60 YP 120 SR KIT

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