e Marine Systems Annapolis Virtual Boat Show Booth

October 8, 9 and 10th, from 1 to 4 PM EST

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The Annapolis boat show was canceled this year due to COVID 19 issues as ordered by the city of Annapolis Maryland. We have exhibited at the show for 20 years and wish to continue our tradition this year despite this disruption by moving to a virtual platform. We will be hosting our own booth located in our newly refurbished lobby from Fort Lauderdale. Our Sales staff and vendor experts will be available to help put together a power system to meet your needs and prepare a quotation through the use of special private breakout rooms for one-on-one conversations.

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You will visit our virtual booth through the Internet using the zoom platform via a daily booth invitation number. The easiest way to attend is to sign up below and we will send you daily the invitation through email, which when opened and with a simple click you will be in our booth. Visit once or multiple times or stay in the booth to learn more about questions from other cruising sailors.

This page will be updated with our vendor schedule and additional information as we approach the show.

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Vendor Experts Schedule:

  Thursday 10/8/20 Friday 10/9/20 Saturday 10/10/20
Time 1PM 1PM 1PM
Company Marlec Engineering (UK) Balmar CDI TBD
Product Rutland Wind Generators Alternators-Battery Monitors   
Presenter Stewart Chris Witzgall  
  Thursday 10/8/20 Friday 10/9/20 Saturday 10/10/20
Time 2PM 2PM 2PM
Company e Propulsion (CN) XANTREX LLC (USA) Blue Sky / Genasun (USA)
Product Electric Drives Inverters-Chargers-Solar Solar Charge Controllers
Presenter David Winskowicz Joe McCarney Ryan Gurian
  Thursday 10/8/20 Friday 10/9/20 Saturday 10/10/20
Time 3PM 3PM 3PM
Company SCAD (USA) Primus Wind Power (USA) TBD
Product Tank Monitors Air Wind Generators  
Presenter Mike Appolonia Ken Kotalik  

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