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SKU: WGZ30024

    Airdolphin Wind Turbine Mark Zero 24V is capable of generating power under conditions ranging from light breeze to gale-force winds. Generating power even in hurricane conditions is something that up until now has been considered too dangerous.

    Extensive tests have shown that the Airdolphin actually generates more power in variable wind conditions, even when the average wind speed is small. This revolutionary finding suggests that the Airdolphin can actually be more cost-effective than large wind turbines. The Airdolphin could contribute substantially to the development of the industry by showing the way to new possibilities in worldwide small wind turbine generation.

    The Airdolphin Pro 24V generates 100-120kWh per month for an average wind speed of 6m/s, resulting in an effective annual CO2 reduction of 800Kg / or more.

    1 Year factory warranty, 5 Year optional warranty available


    Airdolphin Mark Zero More Options: 

    Remote Control Monitor 24V
    Airdolphin RM 1000 Remote Control Monitor 24V for accumulated generated output (daily, monthly, total) display.
    Airdolphin 5 Year Optional Warranty
    Zephyr Airdolphin 5 Year Optional Warranty extends factory warranty to 5 years.
    Airdolphin Mark Zero Parts
    Airdolphin Replacement Parts available for your Airdolphin small wind turbine.