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Brand: Solarland
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    SOL50065 - 65 watt skinny marine strong solar panel for a 12V on board battery system manufactured by Solarland.

    Ratings: Voltage 17.2 VDC; Current 3.78 Amps; Power 65W

    Dimensions: Length 58"; Width 13.5", Depth 1.57"

    Weight: 13.25 lbs

    Connection: Terminals located in water resistant enclosure on backside of solar PV panel.

    These panels are manufactured to the highest quality, utilizing the best quality components. All panels feature the Q-Cell (Germany) high efficiency solar cells and are CE rated to meet IEC61215 standards. Their manufacturing facility is ISO9000:2001 certified and all panels are 'flash-tested' before being packaged for shipping.

    More detailed information:
    PDF SOL50065.pdf

    Manufacturer Part # SLP065-12M

    65W 12V Fixed Skinny Frame Solar Panel