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    Spectralite 30W Solar Panel

    Spectra solar panels are robustly constructed on a fiberglass substrate with a scratch proof clear Tedlar supersaturate. They are slim line and lightweight and have no metal outer components. The efficient and stable polycrystalline cells are encapsulated between the 2 tough outer layers so the whole panel is weatherproof and carries a limited 2 year warranty. The panels can be gently flexed to follow a smooth curve and each panel has 4 grommet finished holes for fixing or panels can be glued into position. Fixed 116\" Cable connection.

    SOR30030 - 30 watt marine rated walk-on Spectralite solar panel for a 12V on board battery system manufactured by Sectra Solar. Easy to mount to any flat surface and it is equipped with grommets in each corner. Has a built-in blocking diode. Charge Controller regulator would only be needed if your battery rating is less than 300 amp-hrs.

    Ratings: Voltage 17.7 VDC; Current 1.6 Amps; Power 30W

    Dimenions: Length 22\", Width 19\", Depth .125\"

    Weight: 3.5 lbs

    Connection: Pre-Wired 10' UV-rated cable with 3/8\" ring crimps.

    Mounting: Easy to mount to any flat surface and it is equipped with grommets in each corner.

    These modules are made from a laminate of fiberglass and sunlight-resistant polyester film and are virtually unbreakable and strong enought to walk on. Excellent solution for maintaining starting batteries in your RV, Car or Boat.

    Manufacturer Part # CA-10/39

    More detailed information:
    PDF Spectralite Solar Panel Datasheet
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    30W Walk-On Solar PV Panel