• 215 Watt Top of Bimini Kit (Single Panel) - MKS10702A
  • 215 Watt Top of Bimini Kit (Single Panel) - MKS10702A
  • 215 Watt Top of Bimini Kit (Single Panel) - MKS10702A
Price: $1,290.00
SKU: MKS10702A
Brand: e Marine

    Add a Kyocera 215 Watt solar panel to your Bimini and instantaneously power up your sailboat using renewable energy.  This kit takes the guesswork out of how to do it and what you need to do it.  We designed this kit to be all-inclusive for easy installation.  The two "U" shaped crossbeam bars, which are specific for your boat,  will have to be fabricated locally to meet your specific boat requirements, but other than that everything else is included.

    The single 215 W solar panel is designed to be installed on top of a soft Bimini, supported by two  1" stainless steel crossbars.  Designed to be used on a 12 V nominal battery system.  Daily production of up to 77 A-Hrs can be expected with a full day of Sun in the Caribbean.

    Included in this kit:

    • 1 Kyocera 215 Watt Solar Panel
    • Solar Boost SB2512i HV MPPT (25amp) solar charge controller
    • Solar Boost IPN Remote that displays current & voltage
    • 30 feet of high quality #10-2 round tinned boat wire,
    • watertight cable outlet,
    • 316 SS tubing used for bracing,(2) 4', (2) 3' and (2) 2' lengths
    • qty 10 - 1" eye ends,
    • qty 8 - 1" top slide with bolt,
    • qty 2 - jawed rail clamps
    • qty 2 -90 degree and qty 2 - 60 degree tees,
    • Allen wrench and Locktite
    • Wire connectors and cable ties
    • In-Line 30A fuse with spare fuse and fuse holder
    • Complete and detailed instructions to assemble and wire the system for a sturdy and trouble-free installation.