Price: $1,395.00
SKU: MKS10717A
Brand: e Marine

    These kits include the following hardware for 1" tubing. (7/8" available only as Special Order)

    • 2 solar panels (100 Watt Kyocera equiv  Solarland Drop In Replacement) with Cross Kits for each panel
    • Solar Boost SB2512i HV MPPT (25amp) solar charge controller
    • Solar Boost IPN Remote that displays current & voltage
    • 30 feet of high quality #10-2 round tinned boat wire,
    • watertight cable outlet,
    • 316 SS tubing used for bracing,(2) 4', (2) 3' and (2) 2' lengths
    • qty 10 - 1" eye ends,
    • qty 8 - 1" top slide with bolt,
    • qty 2 - jawed rail clamps
    • qty 2 -90 degree and qty 2 - 60 degree tees,
    • Allen wrench and Locktite
    • Wire connectors and cable ties
    • In-Line 30A fuse� with spare fuse and fuse holder
    • Complete and detailed instructions to assemble and wire the system for a sturdy and trouble-free installation.

    Tools needed: Screw driver, hack saw, tape measure, drill and bits.

    e Marine kits provide all the hardware shown except for the bar across the top. That bar is best acquired locally to save significant shipping cost. The directions provided will guide you in making the proper measurements for the bar (2 bars required on the 135W kit)

    2 of the 85W solar panels provides approximately 59 A-Hr/day.

    Value added - Rubber Corner Proctectors e Marine includes rubber corner proctectors for all solar panels sold in our kits. These protectors remove the metal corners and sharp edges so you don't have to worry about injury or sail damage.