Price: $156.00
SKU: CBY12200
Brand: Hypertech


    The Combiner 200 is a voltage-sensing relay (13.1 volts) which connects two batteries together when either is receiving a charge. When the charging ceases, the relay opens so that each battery operates independently. Supplemental battery banks can be added by using an additional combiner for each bank. You never have to worry about switching to "BOTH" when your engine is running and forgetting to switch back to save your starting battery from discharge when you stop.

    • 175 amps continuous rating, 400 amps closing current (2 seconds), 200 amps for 5 minutes
    • Suitable for alternators up to 200 amps, up to 18 volts. Smaller charging sources may be able to use the Combiner 100
    • Waterproof, rated IP68 Protected from long term immersion
    • No voltage drop so batteries reach full charge
    • Electronic thermal monitoring with shutdown
    • Minimal wasted power, no heat sink or cooling required
    • Can be used on alternators with internal regulators
    • No special wiring for alternators with external sense
    • Simple basic installation, two battery wires and ground
    • Green LED indicates when combined
    • Red LED indicates thermal overload shutdown
    • Draws no current when batteries are not being charged
    • Draws less than 250 milliamps when charging is in progress
    • Optional external remote control for off, automatic, on
    • Remote "ON" can be used to parallel banks for assisted engine starting
    • Withstands ambient temperature to over 175 F for exposed or engine compartment mounting
    • No diodes to burn out if accidentally shorted
    • Voltage regulator feature to limit voltage to safe level for sealed AGM type batteries
    Hypertech 49110 information:
    PDF Yandina 200A Manual