Price: $274.67
SKU: BCC20101
Brand: Charles


    The 10A 12V 120VAC 50 60Hz Charles 2000 SP Series Battery Charger is excellent for value-priced high performance DC charging, include a battery type selector switch allowing you to charge Lead Acid, Gel or AGM batteries. 3-Stage charging delivers the greatest charge when the battery is most able to accept it, preventing overcharging and extending battery life. Units restore up to 3 banks simultaneously. Charles 2000 SP Series Battery Charger other features include the ability to act as a power supply, ignition and reverse-polarity protected, easy-to-read DC ammeter, corrosion-resistant components and housing, and a heavy-duty heat sink design. The external slots allows easy mounting. The Charles 2000 SP Series comes with a 2-year limited manufacturer's warranty, made in the USA.