Price: $525.00
SKU: ZBO50020
Brand: e Marine

    Solar LED Street Walk Path Dock Light package is a self-contained system that includes the solar panels, batteries, lights and motion sensor completely assembled and ready for installation.

    The Solar LED Street Walk Path Dock Light is not designed to be used on a boat, but many customers have asked us for solar powered dock lights and this definitely fits the bill.

    During the daytime when exposed to the sun, the solar panels charge up the internal batteries. At dusk, the light comes on powered off the internal fully charged batteries at a low level.

    The built-in motion sensor, when it detects the presence of a person, will turn the lights on to full brilliance while they are in range of the sensor. Once they exit the area of the sensor the light then turns back to a low level.

    Designed to provide lighting throughout the evening unless more than 10 hours of motion time is detected.

    The self-contained unit is easy to install, simply mounting it on a 3 - 4" inch diameter pole or flat surface  with the solar panels pointed towards the south facing sky.

    There is no adjustments required for the Solar LED Street Walk Path Dock Light. The solar panel must have clear view of the sky throughout most of the day.

    It consists of a Built-in 50W/18V solar panel, 12.8V 18000mAH rechargeable battery, motion sensor and 20W LED light.

    Dimensions of the Solar Panel is 43.5" x 12.8" x 1.7" (1105mm x 325mm x 43mm).


    Solar LED Street Walk Path Dock Light