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GFO Marine Shaft Packing

GFO Marine Shaft Packing is a braided propeller and rudder fiber packing that needs no constant maintenance.

The GFO Marine Shaft Packing is already being used by the US Navy and Coast Guard and many commercial work and fishing fleets. The GFO Marine Shaft Packing is approved by the American Bureau of Shipping.

The GFO Shaft Packing is easy to install, remove the old flax from the stuffing box, measure the drive shaft and cut the GFO at the mark squarely in order to install it. The Gore GFO Packing will last for years.

Since GFO Marine Shaft Packing is four times more thermally conductive than regular flax, it practically needs no sea water for lubrication or cooling. Leakage is absolutely minimum, due to the fact that the GFO Shaft Packing never swells or shrinks.

Because the Gore GFO Packing has minimal thermal expansion and high abrasion resistance, it will definitevely protect your boat's shaft. Plus, the gfo packing can resist high shaft speeds without being deteriorated or destroyed.

Measure GFO Marine Shaft Packing Size

Its easy to determine which size GFO fiber packing you need. Just measure distance between A and B.

Available sizes - 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8" - accommodate most power and sail boats. Other sizes available on special order.

Buck Algonquin Bronze Packing Boxes are usually the following sizes and take the following packing size:

Shaft Size Packing Size
3/4" 3/8"
7/8" 5/16"
1" 1/4"
1 1/8" 3/16"
1 1/4" 1/4"
1 3/8" 5/16"
1 1/2" 1/4"
1 3/4" 1/2"
2" 3/8"

GFO Marine Shaft Packing

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